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Belinda Fall is an Author (of 8 books) and a Businesswoman. She is also an independent Consultant to several African Heads of State. Speaking perfectly four languages (English, Arabic, French, Spanish) and in love with cultures, art and human relations; she travels around the world visiting more than 50 countries (140 cities) to demystify the meaning of frontiers and human barriers.  The fact of being the great-granddaughter of two well-known Algerian Saints Sidi Said Assar el Hadid and Sidi Moussa, both descendants of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), and studying religions at a very young age led her to write about the impact of Islam in societies and to build a personal, wide and nonjudgemental vision of the world where everyone has to live freely with dignity.


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Leitmotiv: Positivity

What feeds me: Optimism

Languages: English, French, Arabic & Spanish

Music: Jazz, Classical & Lounge 

Favorite Cities: Guangzhou, Hong Kong & New York

Favorite Sports: Tennis & Horse Riding 

Favorite Cuisines: Thai, Indian, Chinese & African 

Mood: Zen Attitude 

Visited Countries: 51 and still attracted by exploration 

Professional Background: Security, Psychology, Business