In Italy

//In Italy


Rome is one of the most impressive cities I had the chance to visit. I regret the fact that I didn’t have the time to visit more than this historical city. My next destinations in Italy will be Venice, Capri, Milan, and a lot more.

The Pasta, oh Mama mia the Pasta…Specially the “Spaghetti ai Frutti di Mare”. <3

Where to Stay

Hotel Pantheon

nb: you have two separate sides offered by the hotel. The first one is on-site and the second one is independent (just few meters away but belonging to the hotel) on a magical street and serving as an extension. Only the extension can offer you this wonderful and unique view. You will have your own ancient key to open the building located in the corner but with windows facing directly the Pantheon.

I also loved another thing in this hotel 🙂 and it’s their biscuits offered with coffee in the room. Small but wonderful.
Please don’t forget to have Seafood Pasta in one of the restaurants near the hotel. Delicious…:)
Bon voyage 🙂
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