In Cuba

//In Cuba


The Hotels I recommend:  Melia Havana (Havana)  & Paradisus Resort (Varadero) 

Visited Cities: Havana and Varadero.

Belinda Fall

Here, in Old Havana.

My trip to Cuba was one of the most incredible I had until now.


When I first arrived at the airport, I felt disappointed because of the very high temperature indoor. No air conditioning at all, but just when I left I discovered a very charming Havana.

While in Havana, I was staying at the Melia Havana.  A wonderful hotel that I highly recommend. The breakfast was extremely delicious specially the tender beef they serve in the buffet.

My room was on the executive floor (8th floor) with access to the executive lounge serving food almost all day long. The internet speed is very good at the hotel.

The view of my room directly on the sea was incredible specially late at night when I had as only friends the moon and the sound of the waves and all this on a special balcony with two chairs hosting you (one for back and one for your feet lol 🙂 ).

The touristic places that I have visited in Havana were unique and full of history and personality.


You have some travel agencies with very good services in the hotel from where you can rent a car or arrange a new hotel booking for Varadero (for example). The desks are just in front of the entrance of the restaurant were breakfasts are taken. The agents are very helpful and always smiling.

The only thing I didn’t like in the hotel is the business center just because of the telephone cabins. Why ? Because the price is drastically high. Just avoid using your phone in Cuba (roaming) or buying a phone and number there or even worst using the telephone of the hotel (either via that famous business center or your room). Just forget the phone or you won’t forget your bill.

Besides that, everything is just perfect in Cuba and if you speak Spanish then this is definitely a plus. You will be able to communicate with People and in Cuba People are wonderful.



In Varadero, I was staying at the Paradisus Resort & Spa. Everything you have there is included (drinks and meals).

Bon Voyage 🙂

nb: Just between emphasis, Cuba has one of the highest level of educated people in the world and is (on the other side) the best destination for the treatment of Vitiligo.


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