Belinda Fall, born in Algiers, from an Algerian Mother and a Mauritanian Father but defining herself as a Citizen of the World, is an Author and a World Traveller. Speaking perfectly four languages (English, Spanish, French and Arabic) and passably 3 other languages, she is in love with cultures, art and human relations. She travels around the world visiting more than 50 countries (140 cities) to demystify the meaning of frontiers and human barriers.  The fact of being the great-granddaughter of two well-known Algerian Saints Sidi Said Assar el Hadid and Sidi Moussa, both descendants of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), and studying religions at a very young age led her to write about the impact of Islam in societies and to build a personal, wide and nonjudgemental vision of the world where everyone has to live freely with dignity.